Jay Izso

From college athletes to Wall Street and everywhere in between, Jay Izso works with athletes, coaches, employees and corporate executives on how to understand the psychology behind social media to best develop personal and brand recognition, establish loyal followers, execute goals, and drive positive agendas. 

Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor, is an inspirational speaker and multi-award winning author who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses reduce their marketing budget and achieve higher ROI by understanding the psychology of their consumer on social media and beyond.

He is author of the highly reviewd book “Got Social Mediology? Using Psychology to Master Social Media for Your Business Without Spending a Dime”

He has a Master’s of Science in Experimental Psychology and has taught psychology for more than twenty years, including at Washington State University and North Carolina State University.

When he’s not busy speaking or writing, Jay enjoys life as a wine geek, musician, sports fan, and movie buff. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife Linda Craft and their two dogs, Katie and Bandit.